Insurance requirements through Peerspace

I am new to Peerspace and had a couple of questions regarding insurance.

  1. Does booking through Peerspace provide any type of liability insurance or is it best to require client to provide Insurance with owner named as “additionally insured”?

  2. Can we add language to the booking regarding Covid and or ensuring there is Security there?

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I have the same question. Have you had any response?

Hi, you can find information about how Peerspace treats COVID liability and insurance in our Peerspace Services Agreement or read help articles about these topics in our Support Center.

Peerspace does offer supplemental (not Primary coverage) for all hosts making bookings. This coverage is up to $1,000,000. More information is provided here. Note thatall hosts and guests are required to maintain primary insurance coverage for the activities they are conducting on Peerspace. A homeowner’s policy, for example, must have endorsements for whatever short term activity you are booking your space for. It is possible if your primary declines you that the supplemental may also be denied. Please look into your insurance coverage options and make sure you are covered as this is a key term you agree to when signing up and transacting with Peerspace. Hosts may also direct guests to deliver them a proof of coverage with the host/address listed as additionally insured if they make this clear in their listing’s rules and messages.

Regarding Peerspace’s handling of COVID liability, please review other topics in this forum like this one.

Thank you.

For the attention of Matthew B Co-Founder, Head of Operations & Strategy @ Peerspace

Hi Matthew and Marielle!

Thank you for your response, however, I am still unable to get a quote on additional insurance without a boiler plate rental contract - do you recommend one, have one for the owners of property renting out to Peerspace clients? Please advise. And to clarify, this is what my insurance broker said to me:

“One of the underwriters is asking if you have a copy of the rental contract that will be used for renting the space out? Would you please forward that over for review?” - does Peerspace provide a template for this?".

Looking forward to your response.

Carol Klemp