Suggestion: Peerspace site reps

Jinkies, we’ve had quite a day today!

We had a last minute production that did not bring in their insurance and became hostile this morning (insurance is a listed requirement for productions in our space, so we had to end their rental) and then had a future rental who called us randomly and began yelling at my wife because they wanted to come in for two extra hours without paying (I promise I’m not making that up). When I took over the call, he began yelling at me. The chance of their rental going smoothly is unfortunately a bit lower than average.

A couple of suggestions that I would like to offer would be for Peerspace:

  • Collect their insurance paperwork. Insurance should be a requirement for all productions and events and it almost beggars belief that ‘producers’ are setting up productions with no insurance. Speaking as a commercial photographer and producer myself, I can hardly imagine this.

  • Offer site reps. I do a great job of documenting situations that arise via the security cameras in my home, but having a neutral site rep to liaise with potentially problematic renters is critical. While this would be a paid service, it’s absolutely worth it. Many of the production renters are very inexperienced, which presents as a tendency to act like ‘bullies’.

The decision we are facing now is whether to cancel a multi thousand dollar booking, or to keep them on the books and hope for the best.

Hi Deacon,

Thank you for the wonderful information. Do you collect the insurance document before they visit? Do guests usually ask to give it to you day of?

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Hey Eli!
I try to collect the insurance as soon as possible via email (and I pray that someday Peerspace allows for file attachments!) but if they’re booking on short notice, I’ll let them bring their Acord papers along with (this only happened once)

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I always ask before booking.

Absolutely, I even have it in my listing rules!