Hosting Films and photo shoots

When hosting events, films & photo shoots, what is the standard practice for hosts? Is it appropriate for the host to stay on site during the shoot/activity? Or do most hosts leave while the space is being used?

I implore you to always be present when you host; even if you’re going to be in another room. Make sure to have security cameras always running (I recommend the Wyze or Ring cameras).

If you leave, people will tear your space up, I guarantee. The cameras are to resolve any disputes that arise in the event that something is broken, someone goes overtime, or you have to kick someone out.

The majority of your bookings will be positive, but you WILL have bad bookings and some of them can be scary.

Your most important tool in your hosting toolkit is a firm and steady voice. Never be afraid to speak up for yourself!

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I never leave for more than 15-20 mins to go get lunch or a coffee. All the while, my cameras are recording what goes on.


I rent my studio exclusively for video shoots and 100% someone should absolutely be there. I also run a production company myself and I know first hand all of the crazy issues that can pop up on a shoot. Property damage is the biggest hazard with all the gear being moved in an out but the crew trying to expand beyond their rental agreement too has also popped up in the past (like assuming they can take over the entire parking lot of my building).

Also be very upfront and clear on what they can and can not use/do in your space. Some crews are super professional but many are not and just look to push the boundaries. Plus Peerspace doesn’t always attract the most professional renters so you open yourself up to a lot of requests from amateurs (music videos, indie films) that may not be familiar with professional protocol. So make sure to ask a lot of questions beforehand too.

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I was told by my liability insurance broker to never walk away from my space. Either myself or my employee has to be on site as host. If I leave my space and something happens my liab insurace will not cover. I find my guests appreciate someone being on site to help with little things that come up. If it’s a film shoot I stay in my back room until called on. Parties which are on hold now, I would go out to grab a full trash bag and replace and check in with the guest host to make sure their needs are met

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I think it depends on your space and the type and number of productions you plan on hosting. Private home, mixed use loft, studio, commercial space? All have different customs and expectations in my opinion.
I host filming at my house 5 to 14 days a year and depending on the size and scope of the production, I almost always require a professional site-rep be present (at the client’s expense) That way I can go about my day, but someone is always watching/helping the production go smoothy.

The site rep’s sole job is take pre-shoot photos and to ensure everyone is following the rules, monitor any OT, note any damages that do occur, etc.

I also require a 50% damage deposit, (min $2,000) and deduct OT and damages from that deposit along with a Certificate of their own insurance policy naming me additional insured and loss payee.

This policy works well for me, but it may not make sense for every location and every production, so again it really comes down to what type of space you have, the size and type of productions you want to have and how frequently you want to host.

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I am always on site because my site is my home. I stay out of the way but accessible if they need input. I am an actor and know what location shoots need.

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