Anyone have tips on how to manage your response time during evening hours or over the weekends?


Guests message 24/7, which can often make it hard to stay on top of your response time. Does anyone have tips or tricks on how to manage inquiries well when you’re not “at the ready?”


I am looking for a better tip other than the adaptation I have made. I keep my volume up on my notifications so when a potential guests inquires or submits a response, I take the time "out of my sleep"to respond. Not beneficial to my health, but great towards my response rate. Something better would be preferred especially since I travel to different time zones often.


I love the mobile app! It’s so simple and easy to use as it gives me alerts on my iPhone just like a text message or instagram alert would. It’s the best way to respond to guests in real time!


No tips, only frustration. When a prospect contacts us at 3am, there should not be any expectation of a response until much nearer to the business day. We provide better customer service when well-rested.


I’ve found the app to be the best and quickest way to be notified of a message. I try very hard to respond right away … luckily the number of messages that I receive during my waking hours far exceeds the late night inquiries, so I am okay with my response time averaging out to 1 hour


The Mobile App makes a huge difference… but I do draw the line at answering notifications after I’ve gone to bed. First thing in the morning should be good enough–and my response time usually sits around 2 hours average, even with factoring in sleep.


If they message late and I am awake. I answer their first message and let them know that I will answer following questions in the morning


I love the app,too. The alerts are helpful. Maybe there’s a way for the platform to recalculate our response time automatically based on our location and between the (local) hours of 11pm and 6am.


Definitely having your notifications turned on so you can keep on top of replies helps. But, obviously if you’re unavailable to respond immediately then so be it. I don’t think response time is as important as the quality of your service you provide as a host - and in turn your overall ratings. Be sure to be on top of things though and respond as soon as you’re able to in order to keep your response time average low.


I use the mobile app as it seems most of the replies do, but am also frustrated with the fact that for some reason a bulk of my inquires come at night… past 9pm going way into the night, sometimes at 4am. I’m not sure if I understand why people would be up thinking about inquiring about an event at that time, or think that I would be able to respond or deal with it, but it happens so often. I wish response time did not affect my Peerspace record, since this does happen that often. I don’t have any advice on how to deal with the late night inquiries at all… maybe an auto-return “sleep” message? Something I can turn on that automatically replies to the inquiry saying something like “Thank you for your inquiry, but I am not able to reply at the moment. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can”?


Do any of your inquiries come from a different time zone or out of town? After being tempted to bite someone’s head off when I got a 2am inquiry, I realized that the woman who had sent it was writing from Europe.

That said, it would be great to have a feature that automatically returns a “timezone incompatible, response coming soon” message so that I don’t have to sleep with my phone.


I had this problem when I traveled to Asia ans missed my customers. Peerspace told me that I can register my cell phone number on Peerspace to receive and send messages any where. Without downloading App, it works well.


didnt know about the app does it work on Androids? I was getting text messages but it doesnt allow you to reply, so if im on the road and screwed til i can get wifi and log on the account which sucks.


Definitely use the app. Much easier to use.


Perhaps the listings can show people what time zone we are in (and allow us to reset it if we’re traveling) to better set expectations on the part of the inquirer.


I get inquiries at very late hours, and am often up to respond. But it does seem reasonable to have “business hours” for tracking response times, and a “closed” period in the middle of the night. Everything would work as it does now, look the same to the guest, just would ease the burden of responding at 1am to protect your response time.

Perhaps inquiries that come in the middle of the night are tracked as if they came at 6am (or 7am, 8am) that morning. Non-tracking hours could start anywhere between 9pm-midnight. Seems fair, and hosts do need their rest.


I manage a few different accounts but only one is set up to send messages directly to my email. I find it easy to respond to those because I can respond directly to the email messages quickly without having to log in. The difficulty I have is response times on the other accounts I manage because I have to constantly log in and check to see if there are messages. If Peerspace could add a “secondary email” or something of that nature so that all messages get to my email from multiple accounts, the response times would be much better.

Maybe in 2019?


Peek response business hours would be a useful feature I think. Something like “responds within 1 hour, Monday through Friday between 9 and 6”. Might be too many layers though, simple is best.


Yes, Very frustrating to get penalized when inquiries happen outside of business hours.


I also have the app and do my best to respond - I have a lot of my “auto-response” messages stored in my draft folder and notes section so it is easy to copy and paste.

It would be great to get a grace period for the hours of 12am - 6am. I would rather my response time extend than have to wake up to answer a “do you have chairs” message. We have 4 different spaces on Peerspace and I would never get any sleep if I responded to all of the over night inquiries.