Why did my space lose so much visibility?

Hi Peerspace Community!

I’ve been hosting for almost 2 years and have spent a lot of work making my space nice, getting bookings, getting good reviews, and having a 1hr response time.

I watched my listing in NYC get up to the 5th page slowly and kept working to keep it moving up in visibility. However a few weeks ago I checked, and checked again recently to discover I am on the 19th page! Over half way to the bottom. My listing is by listings with no reviews and 48 jr response times.

I’m furious because I’ve seen a huge loss in booking inquiries. Any thoughts or advice on this?


this was written a year ago. my listing was at the top 15% and now is at the bottom half. there was nothing that happened in the matter of a few day that would have made it have such an impact besides a change in PS end

I get a lot of inquiries, but many of them do not work out — people don’t read my rules, they want to have a “small get together” with 150 of their “closest friends” during COVID, they want a discount that I cannot accommodate, etc.

I think that my drop in the listing is due to the ratio of inquiries to bookings.