Listings - how to move up the list!

we started our Peerspace in LA 3 months ago, and have thankfully been busy during COVID. within the first week I became a Powerhost and noticed my listing was high up on the 2nd page (to my surprise of course) but now I’m noticing it has dropped considerably to page 8-10, depending on search filters etc.

I’m just curious how Peerspace actually organizes the listings on the homepage? Whether it’s based on specifics or a lucky dip. We’ve been consistent with bookings and acing our response times but obviously want to stay as relevant as possible so if anyone has any tips on visibility i’d love to hear what I can improve on!


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Hi Smac_M,

The sort order will always be evolving as the marketplace changes over time, so that we can provide the best experience with Peerspace to all of our users.Our goal is to connect guests with the space that best fits their needs. Guests typically apply additional filters, such as dates/times, neighborhood, capacity, and price. By doing this, guests can narrow in on relevant results.These parameters have a big influence on guests’ search results but there are a few things you can control as a host to improve the position of your listing.Some of these include:

  • A captivating listing title and cover photo
  • Accurate availability
  • A healthy response rate
  • Review Score
  • Number of bookings completed

Our team wrote a support article that explains this in more detail. You can find it here. I do know that our team’s goal is to promote hosts who provide great experiences to guests, as well as give new hosts the opportunity to thrive on Peerspace. You might notice that new listings sometimes receive a temporary boost in the starting search order.


Thanks for the response!!
Good to know! Our bookings have increased despite placement on the homepage so we’ll continue to do our best as guests!

Hi @Smac_M,

Congrats on the new space, wonderful to see rentees become renters! Fun!

Because of COVID I spend more time adding things to our studio to make it easier for the guest. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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What do you mean exactly? We have quite a substantial list of equipment and amenities and add-ons for guests to use, all inclusive in our rental! So far it’s been a great first few months with back to back bookings! And I’m on top of it by always replying within a minute of any inquiry and booking!
Just wanted to know if I was missing any steps at becoming a top hot spot and how we suddenly dropped so far down the list!