How to catch up to the top listings?


Other than professional photos, quick response times, and five-star ratings, how do you increase your ranking to be seen towards the top of Peerspace? We’ve been strong on all three fronts but ultimately, the earliest well performing listings on the site always seem to pop up first and we’re buried far down the list. It’s doubtful those of us who came onto the platform later will ever catch up, even with great performance. Any insights or ideas?

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I’d say increase the amount of bookings. The way to do this is to lower your price - at least for a period of time. I would assume Peerspace lists homes in order of how likely they are to get a booking, which includes response time and rating, as you mentioned.


I second what Tommy said!
When we began, I set my rates at about half what they are now in order to get the ball rolling.

I always think in the long term and it really did pay off. We receive as many as 7 booking requests per week (we’re on a few of the rental sites, but Peerspace is by far our favorite) and I am now in the process of retiring from photography as a result!

One quick tip though: with low prices sometimes comes challenging renters. We had a couple that didn’t quite show us a lot of respect because our prices were so low, so I recommend reading their inquiries very carefully and perhaps wait until you have a couple of rental reviews before turning on instant booking (just to make sure their intentions are good!)

I hope that helps!


I would be careful with changing the prices too often, yes we get a lot of new customers but we also get referrals as well. Once you find your sweet spot stick with it, do not fluctuate. My friend opened a similar studio to mine and he is fluctuating his prices to find his sweet spot, he is still not getting the response he wants.


What is your favorite sits to advertise your space? We are 2 month in business.



Hands down, we have had the best experience on Peerspace.

I know it seems like I’m saying that to suck up or something, but not only do we get the most bookings from Peerspace, we get the best, most reputable bookings.

There are two others I do get bookings from, but I have gotten shady bookings or attempted bookings more than once on both platforms and on one of those two, I have had two DISASTROUS bookings (one ended up with an attempted kidnapping and the other ended up with hundreds of dollars worth of damage). That ‘other’ platform was not great to deal with either and handled the situations very poorly.

My suggestion if you’re just starting out on Peerspace is to start out extremely cheap in order to get your first few bookings (and word to the wise: when you’re cheap, you have to be extremely careful not to get bad renters that are only drawn to your cheap price) and then gradually raise your rates.

We are now almost where we want to be, price-wise!

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