What type of space attracts the most traffic?


We have a couple of locations that are empty and just begging for some love. We were thinking that maybe in the new year, we will build them out as event spaces and list them on Peerspace. I’m curious what you guys think will attract the most traffic. Meeting spaces, modern lounge space, event space with kitchen, etc. Thoughts?


Ours is a small museum, and the exhibit floor has been used for meetings, offsites, satellite booths (we’re close to the convention center), parties, lectures–we try to keep it as flexible as possible. One thing that has helped is that we have a prep kitchen–when the space was being built out we asked some local caterers to advise on what they’d like to find. We have minimal appliances, but good counter space and tons of outlets. Actually, outlets throughout are a big help. Everyone needs electricity.


Hey Courtney! Quick clarification on your question - by ‘traffic’ do you mean inquiries or bookings? Or just general interest?


Hi @Spencer

I clicked on a host name but I don’t see their listing
How can I see other host listing when am in the community?
I may want to network and such, etc…



Hey Keston! We hide listings to protect our host’s privacy, but if you want to network with someone in particular, feel free to use the “Message” button on a host’s profile. This will allow you two to have a private back and forth about networking opps, exchanging info., etc.

Hope this helps!



It helps, thanks.



Interest in general :slight_smile:


Got it! If you take a look at the listings with the highest number of 5-star reviews, you’ll notice a few trends…here are some of our most popular listings below:

Generally speaking, spaces which are a) multi-purpose (can host lots of different types of activities which run the full spectrum of off-sites, events, and productions) and b) turn-key generate the most traffic. These types of spaces tend to be lofts, warehouses, storefronts, or photo studios.

Then there are other dimensions of ‘space’ that you should also consider when trying to increase overall traffic:

  • Price

  • Amenities

  • Location

  • Overall aesthetic

Hope this helps!


That definitely helps guide us in the right direction. Thank you so much for the information!


As far as film goes: Go modern with the furniture. Have different rooms with slightly different designs so it’s shootable for a variety of movie plots. Light colors are key, especially whites and greys, light blue, and use an interior decorator to make sure the place looks fashionable and balanced. Use curtain sheers instead of blinds, the more natural light the better.


This is fantastic information! Thank you!