Using the new add-ons feature

is anyone using the new add-on feature to create custom offers? especially for event photographers? we just got approached by a local photography company…would love to hear your experience working with local event photographers.


Hey @Sam_U,

Please clarify. Are you speaking of the add ons for rentals?

hey @Eli_P, yes the add ons for rentals. Creating a Custom quote with a line item for event photographer as an add on. Any experience with this?

Yes. How can I help.

@Eli_P great. how do I add an event photographer as an add-on to a quote going out to prospective venue bookers?

For example, got an inquiry for my venue for 3 hours, I want to add an event photographer at $50/hr to the total quote.

Hi @Sam_U, here’s a video tutorial our team put together to walk you through how to use add-ons. Let us know if you have further questions!