Tax for add-ons but not for hourly?

It’s me again. I figured that communicating my issues here, versus calling Peerspace support is the most effective, assuming others may have similar issues they may be dealing with.

I think that it would be really great to have a tax option added on to the hourly rate that allows hosts to get their full rate after Peerspace takes their cut. Right now, I have a cleaning fee that helps make it up, but it’s $25 and after a few hours, it doesn’t cut it. I think it’s also important for customers to understand that the tax is a separate cut, whereas now where many make the assumption that the host gets 100% of the amount that host charges.

Also, for the add-ons, the tax option only allows you to include a flat rate. I think that if there was a percentage option to the price, rather than a flat rate, it would also be more helpful for hosts. Especially if a tax option can be added to the hourly.

What do you all think?

Just adjust your hourly rate to account for Peerspace fees. Adding a tax option is superfluous and misleading since it’s not a true tax (which, by definition, is a compulsory contribution levied by a governing body).

Yeah… just adjust your rate to compensate. I charge 15% “less” if you book with me directly than if you go through Peerspace. Either way, my take home is the same.

Geoffrey, now I’m wondering if PeerSpace is okay with us booking services outside of the PeerSpace platform? I’ve heard that if hosts get caught taking direct bookings for space rentals found thru the PeerSpace platform, then they will ban you from hosting. What about charging for services on or off the platform???

I bill for photo equipment and props directly. I have hundreds of items in-house and the list changes constantly. It would be impossible to keep track of everything as an add-on on Peerspace. Plus I already have an inventory system that allows me to check items in/out and keep track of who used what.

Everything related to the space, including overtime, I run through Peerspace. I never take direct bookings from clients who contact me through the platform. People ask all the time, but it’s not worth a couple hundred dollars to get kicked off and lose several thousand.