Tax for add-ons but not for hourly?

It’s me again. I figured that communicating my issues here, versus calling Peerspace support is the most effective, assuming others may have similar issues they may be dealing with.

I think that it would be really great to have a tax option added on to the hourly rate that allows hosts to get their full rate after Peerspace takes their cut. Right now, I have a cleaning fee that helps make it up, but it’s $25 and after a few hours, it doesn’t cut it. I think it’s also important for customers to understand that the tax is a separate cut, whereas now where many make the assumption that the host gets 100% of the amount that host charges.

Also, for the add-ons, the tax option only allows you to include a flat rate. I think that if there was a percentage option to the price, rather than a flat rate, it would also be more helpful for hosts. Especially if a tax option can be added to the hourly.

What do you all think?