Rates for Different Days


Is there a way to show that weekend rates are more than weekday rates for an event space? On some other sites, I saw that event spaces had a set rate for the week, and a set rate for the weekends? How would one change the charge for the weekend?


The only way we’ve been able to do it is to have two different listings, one for each rate, referring back to each other. Peerspace doesn’t like it–they want one listing-one space, which I understand. And it entails a good deal of back and forth (we charge one rate 9-5 and another 5-midnight and on our closed days) and sometimes split payments. But it gets done.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for calling this to attention! I’m sure many hosts have similar needs to yours. We’re continuing to work towards improving our product to support pricing variations like the ones you’ve described, so we appreciate the feedback.

I see you list your weekend rate in your listing description - that’s perfect! If you and a guest are ready to move forward at this custom rate, you can “offer a custom price” to the guest by visiting his or her inquiry in your inbox. There’s a short video tutorial on how to use the feature here, but feel free to let me know if you have any other thoughts/questions/concerns.



Grace, along the same lines, it would be really helpful if there was a way to add hourly or flat rate line items. We offer amenities to the guest that we charge either a flat rate (in-house coffee service) or an hourly rate (lighting equipment rental). It would be terrific to be able to add these into the hourly rate without having to offer custom prices for every booking.


Hi Ted, thanks for the feedback! To clarify, would you like an easier way to calculate what the custom price should be when guests choose to purchase additional services you commonly offer (e.g. ability to check a flat rate for coffee and have it automatically calculated)?

I’m also curious - are these services/amenities typically added on during negotiations (when the guest originally sends the booking request), or are they typically purchased the day of the booking?


Hi Grace,

Typically these would be services that the guest would book prior to their booking. For instance, we normally charge extra for air conditioning, but it’s usually a flat rate for the day. So it would be useful if the guest could not only enter the number of hours they want to use the space for, but then choose which add-ons they’d like, i.e. air conditioning. They’d see that a) the service is available b) that it’s extra and c) they’d know what their approximate total is before I give them a custom price. This would be especially helpful for things that we don’t want to charge for hourly, like the air conditioning charge. So if my space is $100/hour, and the guest wants to book for 10 hours and wants air conditioning, their total would be $1000 plus the air-con charge. They might want coffee service too - they’d be able to calculate and budget their day without needing to ask for a custom price. They’d also understand what is included and what isn’t.


Hi Ted, thanks for the insights!

We’d love to help hosts promote add-on services like this more easily within the platform. As we continue to make efforts towards removing friction from the booking process, feedback like this will be very important - so keep it coming!

In the meantime, we recommend detailing additional services you’d like to promote, along with the price/item, in your listing’s ‘About the Space’ section. I see you’ve done so in one of your listings already - that’s fantastic! Since guests can assume that all amenities listed in your ‘Amenities’ section are included in the hourly rate, they should have enough information from these two sources to develop a sense of what the final cost could be.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this already, but in case anyone else was wondering… :slight_smile:



‘Add ons’ what a great idea @Ted_H!


Grace, it’s actually quite a bit of work once the guest requests to book. I always have to explain very clearly what is and isn’t included in the price.

I replied to another thread about ‘tiered pricing’ on the community. I had a case recently where the guest wanted to book for less time than our minimum. The Peerspace site lets them choose however many or as few hours as they wish, which leads them to believe that the minimum is negotiable. I’d prefer they’d have to ask me to change the minimum, and that the site enforce the minimum number of hours. Setup time and effort is virtually the same for us regardless of how much time the guest wants to book, and allowing them to book less than the minimum means I won’t be able to profit unless they books something else as an add-on.


Hi Ted, you bring up another fantastic point. Thanks for all of the great feedback! I’m glad to report that our team is aware and eager to solve a number of these friction points for you this year - lots to come in 2019!


Yes strongly agree, for films not a big deal they all usually fall in same lower tier, but for weddings and events, there is a big difference in price between 50 people and 500 people. When people are inquiring for 500 person party the rate displayed is that for 50 and i have to explain its a lot more. That is also why i dont do instant bookings on events only films.
I have split into 5 tiers so it is not reasonable to have 5 separate listings, I do already have film and weddings/events separated.
And also agree re the add ons; such as rental tents, other items would be nice to add extra items


Also weddings seem to be looking at dates 1 to 2 years in advance, how does that work on how they pay. Normally i would charge a deposit that I would hold and then say 30 days before the wedding would charge the balance. How does peerspace do this. Does the person pay the entire amount, or a deposit to peerspace and then peerspace holds that money for 2 years? Or how else to they reserve the date?