Tiered rates needed

It would be tremendously helpful if the IT team at Peerspace could create a way to show tiered rates ( i.e. By crew size).

As i didn’t want to risk losing the booking, I felt forced to agree to the flat fee that shows up above the start booking button for a crew of 15. In the end its only a difference of $175, but it could have been a lot worse as the crew size increases.

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Hi Susan,

Its best to add all your costs on your description, I have this as well. The only hesitation I get is from the people who do not read the description.


Oh it’s mighty clear in the summary and there’s a bold note telling users to review them.
We need an IT solution to this.
Narrative can’t ever work.
There has to be a specific rate selection that users have to make at the point of booking.


Yup. It is needed.
Some of us have varying rates.

  • No one really reads the listing anymore.

As an example, I have a 6 hour minimum for the space, but the site lets the guest request to book less than 6 hours, and then the guest is surprised when I tell them about the minimum. I can see where this might be helpful in some cases, but I find that when the guest sees they can ‘request to book’ less than the minimum number of hours, they will try to do so, thinking it’s negotiable. In my opinion, Peerspace shouldn’t allow the guest to request to book less than the specified minimum, or the guest should have to ask whether or not the host will allow them to book less than their minimum.

And I agree that tiered rates as well as options for ‘add-ons’ would go a long way to help us better offer our services and go beyond simply booking the space.


Yup! Tiered rates or custom rates like Airbnb. Very necessary. We double our $$$ every month by quoting custom rates.


Hi Ted, we hear you and we are working on this. Stay tuned.


Hi Graham,

Do you have a photostudio or a home on Airbnb?

Are you looking for something where you can price a higher rate on say the weekend, after hours or holiday?


So not sure if this helps or if I am doing this right but I have a different listing based on use of the same space. So I have a pic focused on the area of the piano and this is $25 per hour for piano and voice lessons or an individual’s rehearsal or camera phone video. This piano is in the large space that I rent for parties at $100 per hour. The difference is the minimum hours, price and the capacity. So the listing for the space with the piano capacity is 6. The party is 50.

Lawrence, yes in a way - outside of Peerspace we have one rate for productions that book during normal business hours (8am to 6pm), and another rate where we add on a site rep/stage manager for productions that book outside of those times or have more than 10 people on the crew.

Additionally, we have other options for the space that we adjust the price for, and add-ons like standing lighting packages that the guest can choose from. Currently, I have to explain those options (and likely will even if they have the option to choose them on Peerspace with the request to book as guests don’t always thoroughly read or understand the listing or simply ask for exceptions…) in detail.


  • Different rates for different options
  • Rates for add-ons or options

Gina, how does that work for you when they book at the lower rate, and then show, see the larger space, and think they have access to the whole space? Or do you actually have a space or room within another one? In my experience, without walls or doors to delineate the space the customer will appropriate what they can.

Awesome, thanks Lawrence!

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Hey Ted,

The best way to do this is to list the different price rates on your listing and when you receive the different types of bookings you can send the guest a custom offer that fits the activity.

To save a lot of time, I recommend maybe saving different responses for each use type that you have into a Google Doc and pasting the one that applies into Peerspace message or sending the guest a different Google Doc for the price structure that you decided on.

As with more complicated bookings like these its much harder to create a feature that will fit every case use.

Rates by day, weekend or holiday is something that can be created to scale on the marketplace. We are looking into these options based on host feedback.

If you would like to discuss your particular setup further please let me know and I would be more than happy to take a look. We can schedule a call here.



Thanks Lawrence, that’s something I already have in the listing, but I still have guests trying to book outside of the specified hours and they tend to be surprised by the up charge, hence the ask for a way for the site to help with that. Guests who work in film production are apt to be concerned about the suitability of the space first and then assume that the rate is negotiable, even if prices are stated in the listing. They even ask me for a discount because of the fee that Peerspace charges guests and I then have to explain to them that hosts are also charged a fee. They tend to understand when I say no.

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Yes please, just created a post about this feature highly needed! And I am a pro rental studio who has done this for a long time outside of peerspace!

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