Variable pricing should be clearer on our listings

For those of us with variable pricing it would be very helpful to have an update on our listing that properly lets guests know that there is a price range depending on attendee size / calendar day / time of day.

Right now if you search on a desktop the search results will show a tiny “from” before the rate but when you click to go to the listing that “from” is no longer there. It’s there on mobile, but not on desktop. That’s just one aspect that should be fixed.

Overall, though, I feel that a simple small “from” isn’t sufficient. It should be more clear. Maybe “rates starting at”. That phrase will stand out more than the simple small “from”. Perhaps make it bold “rates starting at” so that it stands out a bit more. And then make it clear to the guest how to determine what those rates are.

It seems like it should be obvious for them to click on the drop-down menu to make their selections and then see the results, but… it’s not. For whatever reason, it’s not apparent and it often causes confusion and frustration for the guest.

Perhaps beneath “rates starting at _____” it should then say “make your selections below to see your rate”.

In addition, it would be great to have wording that lets the guest know whether the rate is affected by 1) Attendees 2) Calendar Day 3) Time of Day. These are things that can easily confuse the guest.

I would also love a 4th option to be added: Holiday rates. It’s much more difficult to tell a guest after they’ve messaged or put in a booking request that you are going to charge them more because it’s a holiday. If it were already part of the booking process I think Peerspace and the hosts would be much more successful in gaining that higher revenue.

One last thing… when guests click to Message Host they almost never know what the rate is or what the total is because that info is not presented to them when filling out the form. I think it may be in the email confirmation they receive or it may be on the side bar of their inbox but they usually don’t seem to notice any of that. It would be very helpful to display the proposed rate/total (and what are the contributing factors affecting the rate/total) when they fill out the form to message us, and then improve the visibility afterward for them to see it after the conversation has started.

The smoother and clearer it all is for the guests the more profitable it will be for Peerspace and the hosts.


I couldn’t agree more. Amen.


Thanks @Constantine_Tim_V. Any other hosts who do variable pricing care to chime in? It’d be great to see how many others agree. I’d love to get these changes implemented.


I have variable pricing starting at 150.00 hr for up to 3 people. After that it is 250.00 for 4-8 people. etc. Many times there is a confusion especially for first time Peerspace users. They always want to know why it is charging more than they thought, their first calculation sticks in their head, its what they creat their budget on, and they feel that’s what they should be charged and they can’t let that go. I’m stuck having to explain the sliding scale and negotiating a price.


I also have the scale listed at the top of my description.

I feel ya @HeatherVan_G. It’s an ongoing issue that definitely needs to be addressed as it will make the experience for the guests and hosts much more productive. In the meantime, I recommend putting the pricing in your Rules section and whenever a guest messages you to immediately tell them to review that section to make sure they’ve seen the pricing breakdown. There will still be several instances of guests being turned off because they feel duped, but it will help alleviate some of the problem.

same here…people only see the lowest price and then are really disappointed and confused why in the end it’s more than they thought.

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Same here. I placed a picture of the price rules because guests rarely read the description.

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I couldn’t agree more. I had also submitted this feedback to Product a while back. The “from” doesn’t appear on different devices depending if you’re on the app, desktop or mobile browser. They’re needs to be consistency across platforms when displaying price. I literally just had to tell a client last night that “our rates start at x amount depending on the day you are renting” as she saw on her end only one price. Bottom line, the variable pricing must be displayed more prominently, and it should be a simple code fix to pull that data from the listing and ensure it is appearing right away on the client-facing view.

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Following up on this since I just saw @Nile_H post a separate post commenting about the same thing. It’s definitely something that will be a very helpful update. In the meantime I encourage all of you to follow @Izzy_C’s suggestion with adding an image to your pictures section that outlines your pricing. I made an image in Affinity (basically Photoshop) with my pricing breakdown and uploaded it as my 2nd picture to ensure that everyone who visits my listing will see it. I did this back in September and since then I haven’t had a single person hit me up confused about pricing at all. This is a work-around but while we wait for them to update with a properly laid out pricing section (I’d love to see some of my suggestions implemented), this method should help you avoid most if not all of your upset/confused guests. Thanks for the great suggestion @Izzy_C!

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I guess I spoke too soon because I just had a guest message me confused about why the hourly rate was higher than she thought it would be despite me having the pricing break down in my pics section. I still recommend hosts with variable pricing to upload an image with a breakdown of their rates, but we definitely could use an update to the site that makes variable rates much clearer.

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Interested if there have been any updates or progress on this topic. It’s still definitely a need, and it will allow for more transparency up front for the client when he/she is booking and prevent any disappointment when they’re further along in the booking process. Thanks!

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