Overtime - No option to match original reservation's price per hour rate


Hello everyone,

We just checked out a client from one of our locations. Client went on to Overtime, and we are literally filling up the form to process payment of OT and we thought we would share this to see if Peerspace can find a solution. It’s the second time this happens in a few days:

  • We have different price structures based on crew size. When charging OT, the platform doesn’t give us the option to charge the client based on the price structure they booked the space, only gives us the option to charge them based on our most cost effective price structure or 1.5 times our most cost effective price structure.

It would be nice if we could customize the price per hour rate we do charge when requesting OT charges.

Thank you


Hi Eduard, if the booking has a custom price different from your listed price. You can write in the overtime by click the Add Other Charges button in the email. You just need to list out the hourly price that you and the guest agreed on and the Customer Experience team will notify the guest. For example if your rate is $100 an hour and you had a big product you charged $350 for in the other charges box put $350 per hour or 1.5 times $350 depending on what you have agreed on with the guest. I also recommend as a best practice to message the guest when you do custom pricing the amount that they would be charged if they go into overtime.


Hi @Lawrence_A!

Got it! had no idea about that option! Now, we know! Thank you for the quick reply!

Thank you