Flexible Pricing

Any news on flexible pricing?
Many of us need variable pricing on weekends and holidays. My hourly rate for a party 4-6pm is way different than on a Friday night from 10-2am. I’m blocking that as booked so someone doesn’t try to book the cheap rate.


I’ve written in the description that late hours are charged at a different rate and I add those to the overall cost after the shoot. Works somewhat well… though I have to clarify it in the comments before the shoot as well, that the person is aware of the additional $25/hr or $50/hr.

It’s a workaround instead of blocking out those hours.

I have the same problem and would love a way to resolve it.

I’ve added in the description of the space that there is a $25/hr surcharge for each hour an event goes past midnight. People don’t seem to have any problem with that.

But I would LOVE to have different pricing for weekday days & evenings (Monday- Thursday) and daytime rates separate from weekend (Fri,Sat. & Sunday) evening rates, which are 90% of our bookings.

Hi all, our engineering team is currently working on this feature. I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s live. Thanks!