Update: Add-ons available on listings

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to launch the next iteration of add-ons. As of today, add-ons will be visible on your listing page. If you haven’t already, head to your inventory page to add any additional services you offer to guests.

So far we’ve seen hosts add a wide variety of items - from production equipment to breakfast catering and even a giant Jenga set. We’re excited to see what else you add.

A few things to keep in mind:

In the coming weeks, guests will be able to purchase your add-ons at checkout. Stay tuned for updates on this and, in the meantime, you can attach add-ons through custom offer.

We know that you offer much more than a space and hope this feature gives you the flexibility to grow your business on Peerspace. We will continue to ship new features and support around add-ons so please let us know what you think.


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This is amazing. I have cameras to rent, lighting, stands, backdrops…so MUCH!

One request for the future - can you make it so that we can add an add-on item to just ONE listing? I’d love to rent out my unused strobe lighting for photographers, but I think I might confuse anyone looking to rent our space for an event or an off-site!


Great new feature. In addition to seconding @Deacon_T’s request to be able to list specific add-ons by individual listing, I’d strongly suggest allowing Hosts to be able to select the order that the Add-Ons appear (like we can with photos). For example: we’d want to list our Karaoke System first and extra parking spaces last.


Excited to see how it all works!


Good call, I was thinking the same thing, Graham!

Thanks Graham and Deacon. We’ve got a lot of work to do around what add-ons to show and when to show them! Please keep sharing any feedback you have around add-ons and we’ll do the same.