Add-ons available at checkout

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce another big upgrade to the add-ons feature. Now any add-ons you promote on your listing will also be available for purchase at checkout. If guests select add-ons at checkout, you’ll see the details when reviewing their booking request. Don’t worry - if you need to make changes to the add-ons before accepting the request, you can simply reply with a custom offer (more details here).

To make sure add-ons are available for guests at checkout, select “Yes” to “Show on listing?” when creating or editing them from your inventory page. We recommend only promoting services you’re positive you can fulfill, especially if you have Instant Book turned on. You can edit the visibility of specific add-ons at any time by following these steps.

The add-ons feature was created to give you flexibility to easily promote additional services you offer, such as furniture rental and catering. By promoting these services on your listing and during the checkout flow for guests, we hope you can more seamlessly grow your business with Peerspace.

We’ll continue to update and improve this feature over time, so please let us know what you think! Best, Rony

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I am so happy about the add on feature. I have so much more to offer and often when people arrive they never realized I had what they had to rent such as strobe, lights, sound gear ect. Thanks peerspace.


We’re so glad to hear that Archie!