Include Listings in Host Profiles?


I saw a mention that listings are not shown for the hosts here, for privacy concerns. I appreciate that, but I wonder if that is a concern for people here? When you see others dealing with similar issues, it would be interesting to see their spaces. Perhaps in our profiles there could be the option to list our listings, or keep them hidden?


Hi Brad, I love that idea!

In the event we aren’t able to provide the option to display your listing publicly, what other information would be helpful to know for context (e.g. space type, length of time hosting, etc.)?

We’ve also played around with the idea of creating more specialized groups for our community to join (e.g. Homeowners on Peerspace, Photo Studio Hosts in LA, etc.). Would something like this interest you?



Hi Grace. Seeing the actual listing would be the most useful. Would be interesting to see how long they have hosted; how many bookings; how many in each category; size of space; type of space; how many spaces; amenities, etc.

I don’t think we need specialized groups yet. There is not a large volume of postings right now, and we benefit from seeing posts for all types of venues. The challenges we face are fairy common to everyone, with some variations.