Seeing the details of the "Custom Offer" after it has been accepted

On a number of occasions, particularly when a booked client wants to change something - like their total hours, or the added features like sound systems and projectors, or the need for more chairs than we have in-house - I’ve needed to reference the specifics that went into the calculation of their cost in order to make their requested changes. VERY few of my bookings are just for hours, most include other features that they pay an additional amount for, depending upon what they request I typically write those into the details section of a Custom Offer but I can’t find a place where I can see those AFTER the Custom Offer has been accepted.

Is that feature somewhere and if not, it would be really great to have that as a button on the confirmed reservation so that you can see exactly what has been agreed upon, what you have promised to provide for that price.

Hi @Paul_D, thanks for your feedback. We’ve made updates to the offer feature to allow hosts to add specific line items to offers such as projectors and furniture. As part of this new feature, you can reference the offer details you sent by clicking “review offer details” or “review booking details” which is located on the right side of the inbox below the fee calculation. Please let me know if you have other questions. Best, Rony

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Yes, I found that feature but it does NOT show the paragraph I write for each client explaining how the price is arrived at, i.e. # of hours including surcharge for after midnight bookings, equipment or other things that are includedand charged and the cleaning fee. It only gives the totals and the hours. I need to see exactly what I promised to provide each renter. So, what I have to do now, is to copy what is in that explanation paragraph and then send it as a separate message to the renter so that I can have a record of what’s in the details/ explanation. Would it be difficult to have that paragraph show along with hours and fees?

Second - after a rental has happened, that information is no longer available. Again, because sometimes I have inquiries from returning clients, I need to see what we did last time, what I charged etc. Couldn’t all the original booking information still show on the completed/finished bookings?

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Hi @Paul_D, thats a good point about including the offer message in the overall thread of the booking for future reference. I will speak to our team about it. Thanks for the feedback, Rony

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And thanks for your fast acknowledgement of our communications. Much appreciated.