Search returning houses before my studio and sending me to Oakland rentals on mobile

Hi there! So I’m new to Peerspace and have struggled to get many bookings at all. So far I’m at one, which is very frustrating. I’ve been live since November.

I’m based in Glendale (Los Angeles), CA but when on the app and I search for Photo Studio in Glendale my search results direct me to rentals in Oakland/San Francisco, CA. Can anyone explain this? Is this happening to others as well, possibly driving people away from the app and Peerspace in general?

Also, when I search on desktop browser and search Photo Studio in Glendale I have houses and bungalows popping up before my studio even though my parameters were for a photo studio. Is this Peerspace’s Yelp-like algorithm that is pushing locations that book more to people instead of what their search is asking for?

Any help would be appreciated.

Are there other photo studios in Glendale? Those are the folks you’re competing with. When I do a search for photo studio in Glendale CA, Glendale comes up and there are 6 or 7 large, well-equipped production studios that come up within a few mile radius.

Houses and bungalows aren’t going to hurt you. When I search an area for a photo studio, like when I’m traveling, I scroll past things that aren’t what I’m looking for. If I want a large white cyc, or green screen, or onsite equipment, or total privacy and light control - a pretty picture of a beautiful residential interior is not going to interest me. If I’m looking for an interesting space to shoot in, that’s when I look at interiors. But I never just pick the first thing I see instead of looking for what I want.

And remember, people can move the map around. They’ll find Glendale.

Hi, Christopher. Thanks for your response. I understand your point about scrolling passed what you’re not interested in.

Regarding the mobile issue, however, San Francisco/Oakland is 350 miles away. It is a serious issue, not one where people should just scroll down to LA.

I don’t think other people see the same glitch you get…when I searched Glendale, it went straight to Glendale.

Either way, if someone is looking for a space in Glendale, and the map pops up in Oakland, they are not going to book a space in Oakland, they are maybe going to get slightly frustrated but will simply adjust the map manually to show Glendale. That’s what I do when a map doesn’t show me the right address at first.