Possible Bug in Host-Side View of Booking Details?

I have a new booking request, and my hourly fee + cleaning fee total $900. The “Space rental total” = $1,125, so I believe that is what the guest will pay. That would be a service fee to the guest of 25%. Last time I paid attention my guests were being charged 9% (after starting at 5%).

EDIT: Sounds like a bug, thank you much to @Eric for the quick response below.

Hey @Brad_B-

Our fees haven’t changed.

Are you talking about your booking with Lauren? If so, that is a 9-hour booking. So, 9x$125 = $1125. You gave her a 10% discount. With your cleaning fee and our processing fee, she paid $1174.

I recreated her booking in the guest fee calculator below so you could see what I mean. Hope that clears it up.


Eric Shoup
CEO Peerspace

Hi Eric, I appreciate the quick response. Not Lauren, here is a screenshot of the booking request (still a pending request, received about 2:30pm):

that is really strange.

When in our look in our systems, I see a space rental total of $900 – not $1125.

We’ll take a look more closely in the morning. Perhaps there is a bug in the host-side view of booking details? We’ll investigate.

thanks for bringing it to our attention @Brad_B!


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I thought perhaps it was a bug, or that I’m tired and missing something.

When I accept, is her charge going to be around $981?

Brad- That is correct.

We’ll take a closer look at the potential bug in the host view tomorrow. Please let us know if you see similar things on other booking requests.



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As always, thank you for the great support. Will let you know if I notice anything else.

hey @Brad_B- just to close the loop on this.

You did indeed find a bug in the host side view. It occurs in some cases but not all. Our product & engineering team are working on a fix.

thanks for calling it out!