Incorrect 'Total' Price Issues?

The total price for our listings that have a cleaning fee are displaying an incorrect and higher total price to potential guests. In addition to the hours, cleaning, and processing amounts, Peerspace is ‘ghost’ adding the same amount as our cleaning fee.

Are any other hosts having this issue?

@peerspace how can I get this fixed ASAP as it seems the inexplicably higher price is impacting guests’ enthusiasm for booking us.

Side note: I contacted help@peerspace yesterday and have yet to get a response and I contacted the Power Host text line and was only asked what my account email was but no update since then.

Hey @Graham_M, looks like you found a bug but it only affects hosts that are viewing their own listing page - so guests viewing your page see the correct amount. You can test this by logging out and visiting your listing page - or check out any other listing. In any case, we’ll get this fixed asap. Thanks for pointing it out. Best, Rony

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Thanks Rony! Much appreciated.

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Same thing was happening on my listing as well. Do we know if this is fixed yet? Good catch! TD