Only one (real) inquiry and zero bookings so far - what am I doing wrong?

Does anybody have pointers for a nube?
I am not getting much action. Is there anything I can do to get it going? Link to listing below.

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Hi ! I would start with your minimum rental time, (to high) alot of photographers are renting an hour or 2 max for quick shoots , you are limiting your customer base right there , also think about creating a package for photographers or videographers with limited party sizes and less hourly prices

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also your front cover image is too dark and unappealing i would shoot an HDR image of that sunset really make it bright and inviting


I agree with the opening dark photo.

But my minimum time is 4 hours as well (I’ll consider 3); too much work to do less than that for me.

It takes time as well to get it around and get the attention and then you should start to see interest.

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Agree with what others have said, and I would also work on your description. People often just read the first couple of lines, so you might want to make the beginning punchier. The detail about Frank Lloyd Wright and his apprentice seems like a lot to wade through. I’d get across the points about the light, the fact that the restoration has been done with great care, and the Southwest meets Palm Springs vibe and then maybe have some of the more specific detail further on. The bullet points did more to catch my attention. Also, it can be worth it to offer a lower price and shorter booking time initially, to get some reviews and attention.

I don’t think the minimum hours are a problem. People always bargain for less. I think the problem is the price. You might consider starting around $125 until you start to get some reviews and then slowly raise it. Also agree about the photographs.


For cover photo I would use image 10 or 14 they are brighter and show a wider interior shot.

  1. Also hire a pro photog and do some exterior images that show the building lite up at night with a sunset or at dusk. The house looks dark at night.

  2. Lower your Hourly rate $125-150 and min number of hours until you get a few bookings / reviews then raise it as you build a name. Cost of doing business would be that… Invest those lower hours into your marketing time!

Cool house btw!


Just when I thought that the perfect house didn’t exist…

That is so gorgeous that it makes my brain hurt. The main image doesn’t do it justice.

Something like image 10 looks good, but there’s so much variety that it’s near impossible to choose just one.

I agree with Matt about getting a new exterior shot (maybe hdr or light painted) and dropping your hourly until you’ve got maybe 20 reviews stacked up and then slowly raise your rates until you find that ‘sweet spot’.

We’re still in a pandemic, so people aren’t spending as much as they used to, but that WILL change.

Winter flu season plus COVID is going to be rough and I’m personally expecting another shutdown, but things are going to spring back so hard next year that we won’t know what hit us and the bookings will come in like they used to

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Amazing interior shots! You could try a collage as the cover photo cause there’s so many areas to your space! I have a multi-set studio so made a collage of all the sets that way guests can see it all when scrolling!

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Great home!!!
Wish I could shoot there!
Many other people gave great advise already, but the REAL answer to why you aren’t getting more rentals is COVID-19!

Your price point, venue size, and minimum hours are marketing geared for big events, which just don’t exist now. Pre-Covid era I’m sure you would get event rentals at those prices!

So, if you want to market towards small photo/video productions you will spend more time/energy for smaller payouts. $125/hr with a 2hr min time would get you some small rentals to build your reviews and start branding your space in anticipation for bigger event rentals in 2021 (hopefully). Plus it would give you some time to get better quality photos!!! All your photos look like they were shot with an iPhone. (Actually mine were too, but I’m not marketing what looks like a multi million dollar estate). Plus you will need to add in photos of event setups so clients can see how many chairs or tables can fit into what areas, or setup a beautiful outdoor seating area with overhead string lights (something romantic). And while I’m in the subject of string lights REMOVE the Christmas lights and put up led 3200k bulbs. That image baffled me.

But to be honest, for a few hundred bucks once or twice a week, I’m guessing renting your space will be far more of a hassle than it’s worth. You might want to start contacting higher quality clients like Hollywood location scouts directly and getting on their radars. Also, furniture manufactures always need beautiful homes to stage for their advertisements.

Then the last question is if “Carefree”, being 40-50min drive from the Phoenix center, is going to limit your rental frequency?

Many large out of the way beautiful venues like yours try to market to wedding planners for wedding events, and they can charge a premium, well above what you can typically charge on PeerSpace.

Or if you can accommodate overnight guests, you could list your space on VRBO or AirBnB as a luxury vacation destination for over a thousand dollars a night probably (depending on number of bedrooms). I had a friend renting his vacation home in Utah on VRBO and made around $100K per year off it. Just a thought.

Hope all this info helps. It was fun analyzing other people’s space. Maybe I should ask the same for my space (but might be scared to hear the answers). Good luck!

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A lot of good advice above. My 2¢ would be…

1: Better photos — If you want to charge that rate, you need to sell the quality. Find a young architectural photographer and offer them the opportunity to shoot your house. Definitely update the cover with a brighter image.

Also… if you have pix from any photoshoots or events that have happened, add them in. I added finished work and behind the scenes images to my listing and it upped my inquiries immediately.

2: Clarify The Type of Bookings You Want — Do you want more events or more productions? Your description reads like you want events. If so, consider adding keywords like “Wedding” or “Reception” into the listing title.

3: Floor Plan — This is important for large productions. Your space is so vast that I got lost in your photos. I don’t know how many rooms there are, how big, or how they’re arranged. A simple layout drawing would help.

4: More Detailed Description — Your description would be good for a write up in Architectural Digest, but producers just want the nuts and bolts. Start with a couple of sentences about the location, but then get to the details.

Good luck!


I’ll be responding to some of the individual comments as I work though, but in the meantime, I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful advice. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I was hoping people would say that (opposed to forget it kid, you’re in Carefree AZ) I’already removed the X-mas lights and updated my cover photo :wink:

Thanks guys. This is my primary residence, so sometimes this place takes me 2+ hours just to do a light cleaning and hide all my stuff, so I wanted the booking to be a little bigger - but don’t we all?

The general consensus seems to be my hourly rate to $125 and my minimum to 2 hours, so that’s what I did. But what about my cleaning fee of $150? I’ve read in the forums that the fee is a good thing to do, but does it become a problem for these small bookings?

Thanks Leon for your input. I just moved here from the Bay, so it’s nice to hear from my peeps. You caught me, everything was indeed shot on my phone.

I concur with you, small bookings for a big place could be lot of effort for the small payout. It’s a terrible time to test the waters on a price drop too. I was hoping to stick to shoots. Weddings and events might be too advanced for an entry-level host such as myself. I am willing to so small gigs, but I just don’t want to be ignorant of business and sell my property short (btw, I removed the Xmas lights as per your advice) If not Peerspace, how do I get seen by location scouts for higher end films or commercial shoots?

This a great idea, I am going to make one. thank you.
Btw, you pic looks familiar. Did I read one of your posts about a music video shoot gone wrong? Horrible, but I really enjoyed the story and ensuing discussion thread. If that was you -thank you for sharing.

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yes that was me! Thankfully still the only nightmare booking we’ve had haha!

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Oh thank goodness for that!

I always ask a cleaning fee. It was $150 but since covid I have raised it to $175. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. And if it is, people ask and you can always come down, but you can’t go up.

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