No bookings in October

So I joined in August and waited 6 weeks for my first booking. Then when I had given up hope…voila…suddenly 4 bookings. 3 film shoots and 1 meeting in one month…4 five * ratings saying how fabulous I and my apartment were…then nothing again for 2 weeks, not even an inquiry? I redid photos, set up the location for meetings, did everything I was told to do by the help desk team…but all silent on the booking front.

I just won New User of the Month award for October 2019 for posting here so guessed I would inquire. Anyone having the same issues as I am?

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I just went “live” in Phoenix…excited to see what happens :slight_smile:

I have been with PeerSpace for 3 years. It has been my experience that there are times when you are swamped with inquiries/bookings and then the next week/month could be nothing. For example, I had 4 total shoots last week (3 from PeerSpace). Nothing this week. I think it’s normal. :slight_smile:


Thanks Constantine, I appreciate your feedback!

Fully agree with Constantine – get used to the ebb and flow of events, as certain weeks we’ll be booked 7 days, and other weeks zero. Historically, in my experience, October and November are not terribly busy months, events-wise, at least for us, as people are saving money for their December/January holiday parties. That could be part of it!

I have been 2 years on the Peerspace and my space is one of the popular, but since June I have almost no bookings and requests. I know summer is a slow season, but compared to last year, it was terrible! Usually from September it gets busier, but so far I have almost silence. It’s already November, and still nothing. I don’t know what is going on.

Had a similar experience when I was listed under Production. A number of bookings right away, but fading to pretty much zero for months. Then I added Events. Shazam, lots of steady business. I was a bit intimidated by the category, but the experience has been 95% positive, almost all very nice Oakland family-type parties. Every once in a while an offsite.
And this was after peerspace had advised me to post better pictures and lower the price. I did neither, kept the pictures and raised the price (twice) and I’m still quite busy.
This may sound obvious, but do what potential guests do: try googling your space from someone else’s computer. You may see that you have fallen off your former search position, possibly buried by newer competition. I have a feeling the site gives priority to newbies as well as more popular spaces.