Newbie Here! Need A Little Guidance

Hello Everyone - I just started and very excited to be here. I’m hoping to get any bites to rent my space and was looking for a little guidance. The problem is, I’m not big on social media and I know that’s where I need to be. I have an Instagram account but would like to have something specific to renting my space.
Is it possible to make a separate IG account? (I’m so not tech savvy but willing to learn). Also, is it suggested to have a separate email account dedicated to this? I would love to get a consultation to know if my listing looks correct or ways to improve.
Thank you for any guidance


I made a separate IG account for my space! If you have IG already you can create a whole new account and switch between accounts easily without having to log in and out (on the log in page there’s the option to add account)! The main reason for my IG page is so we can share and hype up the guests that are very active/popular online by reposting the content they create in our studio! Plus we can advertise a lot more and post videos which has been a common question from guests but since Peerspace doesn’t have the option to upload video it’s great to refer them to the IG! I never accept bookings via IG I just have the direct link in the bio so any possible bookings can click that to book!
And yes I have a business email for Peerspace just for convenience!


Hi there! Good questions, all! While Peerspace does not support external links in listings, we are looking into ways to allow hosts to share more visual elements of their space to guests when messaging and in listings.

In the meantime, its ok to share your IG with potential guests, we just require that any conversations about transactions are kept on the platform and that bookings are made on Peerspace between you and guests who find you here. There are penalties for accounts where our system detects this action taking place regularly without bookings occurring but thankfully most hosts understand this policy and are of high integrity!

Thanks for your continued support! :smiley:

I’m a professional short term rental property manager (working on getting certified but COVID paused the process) and private chef.

I have two professional instagrams, as well, and it’s a really simple process to set up connected accounts that are easy to switch back and forth to. I always recommend separate emails for professional endeavors. It gives a sense of legitimacy compared to your personal gmail and keeps everything rental-related in one place so you don’t have to weed through a bunch of random stuff.

And I do local in-person or virtual consultations, if you’re really interested.

Thank you so much for that info! I found the “add account” on IG. That was really helpful:)

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Yes, I would like that very much. Is there an email I can reach you at?

Many thanks!

Thank you very much! Understood, I will definitely keep conversations on this platform.

Many thanks

Absolutely. Email me at

Did you name your space?
I’d love to see your IG if you don’t mind sharing the link. Thanks!

Found you IG. Very cool! I see you have a long link to your Peerspace listing.

Have you thought of using a link shortener like you could have a personalized url like: Something to think about :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry for this late response. I haven’t been on in a bit. I like your idea of the url name. thank you, I have to do alot updating:)

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