What is allowed to give to a potential client

Hi! I’ve been getting a lot of potential clients asking me for extra information, and some of these information I can’t give them, but, what off the Instagram account ? I’ve received inquiries of clients asking for availability but also they’ve ask me to give them the space Instagram account to see more pictures. Is it allowed? I mean, I added sufficient amounts of pictures of the space plus a floor plan so they have a better idea of the size, yet I have clients asking me for that info and I’m not sure if it’s allowed to give out

oh whoops…I didn’t even think about whether it is allowed or not but I’m often referring guests to the IG account if they’re wanting to see more references. My main reason is that we can’t share video via Peerspace but on IG I post a lot of video which they like to see!

hopefully it’s allowed!

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I guide them to my instagram for ideas but however they found me I ask them to book me there. The rate is the same on all platforms.