New Listing and no Activity

I have had no activity on our new sites since launching. How do I confirm we are truly getting the word out there?

I’m no expert, but to me one rather obvious answer is to try some Google searches using keywords in your listing. However, after a while, Google will start pushing your link to the top on your computer, because you seem to be a frequent visitor. At that point you can use a friend’s machine to search. At least then you’ll know if people are being exposed to your listing.
You can try the same thing within peerspace. Remember, the more popular the space, the higher will be its priority in a search.
For example, if I search Google or peerspace (on a neutral computer) for “Oakland Event Loft” my listing will usually show up on the first or second page.

Hello Warren,
Thank you. I Am working on your suggestion now.



Claire Clark-Arcamone

Hello is anybody out there?
I have had no activity on my site. And no one is responding to my Host Community email request.
How do I know if my listings are truly active?

Hi Gregory, I just saw Warren gave you some good suggestions. You can also open an Incognito window in Google Chrome, go to Peerspace, and find your venue on the map. Select it and check your listing, walk through the process as if you were booking the space. See what it looks like from a guest’s perspective.