Lots of Inquiries-No bookings

Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble getting my inquiries to book their events. I’ve had a number of people do site visits. They all loved the space and said it would be perfect, but never follow through. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve just lowered the price to see if that helps. Thanks.


Sorry to hear whats happening. Please send the link for your locations.

Hi Eli,

Thanks for the reply. Here’s a link to the space. I just lowered the price from 90 to 75/hr but left it at 90 for Fri-Sun.

Let me know what you think:

Thanks again.


I will be giving you advice from MY point of view.

  • The pictures need to be retaken. All of them are not correctly taken(fuzzy, brightness is too high).
  • Invite your friends over for a party and take good pictures of the entire room with your guests.
  • Add more information to your “Features” section.
  • Floorplan of the studio

There are more but I think this will have a huge rate of return for you. Hire a real estate photographer, they know how to do this correctly.

Good luck. When you are completed with those let me know I will let you know what else to add.