Last Minute Booking

I just had someone book today for today real last second. I had to get them setup at the last minute within an hour of them having guests come. In me running over there getting things together for them and accepting the booking. I forgot to add on the bluetooth speakers and projector screen and projector into the price. How do I add these fees into the the booking after the booking has been accepted.

Hey Charles,

As long as your client knows about it, you are able to charge them from the email Peerspace sends when they end the booking(Additional charges). If you can not find it let me know.


Hi There,

As s newbie, how do you politely navigate the additional charges in a seamless fashion so the client isn’t taken aback? I clearly state the additional charge for upstairs and downstairs space at my venue in my listing.

However, it seems people gloss over this and assume it comes for the same price.

I was also wondering how to add this on when I accept the booking.



Hi @Karen_S Karen,

When you are doing the walk through, show them your costs the sheet of paper so they do not miss it. Check in from time to time and look at what they have used. When they leave tell them the costs so they know what they are getting into.

Thanks Eli! Appreciate it. I need to be more assertive here!

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Regarding last minute bookings…is it normal to get a lot of people asking for a next day booking for filming? I would think you need to sort out some things prior to with permits, COI, etc.

Checking if this is the norm. Thanks.


It’s funny, high-end commercials often don’t lock down locations until a couple of days before the shoot. But they will have had a site visit, possibly a tech scout, and asked for a soft hold. And they will get the permits and the COI.

I had a last-minute inquiry today at 3pm, about a video shoot at 5pm. I told her “We don’t normally get last-minute bookings, what are you shooting? Please tell us as much as you can about your shoot and we can see if we are a fit for you.”

No response.

I ask people why they are looking last minute. And yes, they will likely not be able to get permits and a COI.

There is a huge range in productions from legit to amateur to suspect. Like all inquiries, ask a lot of questions and only accept if it feels right.


Thanks. Yes, got three last minutes this month. I do Google to see if they are legit.They usually are independent projects. I never move forward on last minutes.

Great info and advice. Thanks.


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Hi @Lee_C , it looks like you may have accepted the last-minute booking inquiry that I had from Kelly H. Any tips for other hosts about these situations?

@Brad_B I think Lee may have deleted their comment. I’m very curious to know what happened (I had declined a few last minute requests and…well, I’m kinda nosy)

Hey Deacon! I don’t know that Lee had commented here. I checked the guest profile a few days after their booking date and saw that they had a review from Lee.

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