Invoice for booker

One of my previous bookings is asking for an invoice for the rental. Is that sent automatically to them and/or who do they contact?

Hi @Andrew_B1,

Can you have the guest shoot us an email at and we can send them a receipt for the booking?


That’s a great question. Are invoices sent automatically or do we as hosts always have to ask the guest to shoot an email to to receive a receipt? It seems that every guest will want a receipt. I know I would. Can this process be automated? Thanks.

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Hi @Cynthia_B,

Great question! At the moment receipts are not automatically sent out, as they come from our card processor.

If a guest would like a more formal receipt in addition to the booking confirmation email get sent automatically, they will need to send an email to and the customer experience team will generate a receipt for them.

Our developers are working on adding a dashboard similar to what we have for host payouts for guests with an invoice of their charges where they can download and view receipts for bookings.

Stay tuned we have a lot of great features rolling out that will make hosting a lot smoother.