I added new photos. Feedback?

I’ve been spending the COVID-enforced downtime to refresh my listings. Part of this was to add new photos.

I added some new space photos, but mainly added behind the scenes or completed work photos. I was wondering what people thought about this. I had a couple before, but I pushed them all the way to the end of the gallery and don’t know if people actually saw them. Now they’re threaded throughout the gallery and sort of grouped with the a pretty photo of just the space.

I’d appreciate any feedback you might wanna share about this. Here’s a link to my main listing for productions…


I think it looks amazing, the behind the scenes photos show how versatile your space is. Great job.

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I think the new photographs are beautiful and show that you have some very important shoots who have loved you space. However, I do have one concern: Since many potential hosts view on their phone, the multiple photographs on one page might be too small. Check it out on your phone and see what you think.

I love the update @Geoffrey_B. Beautiful work being created in your space, gives an extra level of credibility and inspiration. And sprinkled throughout is perfect!

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Good thought. Thanks!