How many bookings do you get a month?


Curious on how many bookings a month on average everyone is getting.


It depends on months. Sometimes many bookings, sometimes almost nothing.


I had 4 over the summer and then nothing since.


Much busier during the warm months. 1-2 a month when it’s warmer, lucky to get 1 a month during the winter.


I have been meaning to review our booking history for a while now. We started with Peerspace in March 2017. For the 10 months of 2017 we averaged 1.8 bookings per month.

We have been fortunate this year. In 2018, including what we have on the books for December, we are averaging 5 days booked per month (a few were 2-day bookings). That’s a total of 79 days booked via Peerspace (74 bookings, with 5 of them 2-day bookings).

During that time, we have also had 3 high-end location rentals (commercial/TV/music video); 7 days rented via Storefront; 3 days rented via Splacer; and a couple of direct rentals per month as well.

It seems like there are two routes to lots of bookings: one is to have a site that is very specific, like a great space for meetings/workshops/team building. The second, which is us, is to be very flexible. Our space is a mid-size retail storefront, remodeled to be a blank canvas with a little architectural style.

I have a little furniture that lives in the space that just about everyone will use: 6 tables, leather couch, 2 leather chairs, 20 black folding chairs. Used to have a ping pong table but was in the way for larger events. Have hosted baby showers, 1st birthdays, milestone birthdays, memorial services, team building, paint night, documentary interviews, pop-up retail, and on and on.

My suggestion is to really think about what is unique and special about your space, and think about how you can make it even more unique and special, and strongly feature that. Play with paint, add a reclaimed wood wall, a few details you can highlight. Also, take time to set up your space for certain types of events and take photographs, help guests to envision themselves in your space.

Look at lighting options to make your space more interesting. I just bought more Hue light bulbs for color accents, and I think we are going to paint the ceiling black to enhance the industrial feel, and redo the lighting up there as well.


We have a couple of different spaces that I’m in charge of but over the last 8 months, we’ve had about 40 bookings. I’m hoping to increase that in the new year!


Am kinda new here.
Photo studio in my Living room.

12 total so far.
Sept: 2
Oct: 2
Nov: 9