Hosts YTD or all-time statistics


Does peerspace consider adding YTD or all-time number of bookings and dollars earned statistics available to hosts? This would be very helpful. Many similar sites offer this so it should be doable, i assume.


Agreed. I’m surprised there is no simple stats dashboard. It wouldn’t have to be elaborate but I really don’t like having to add up individual bookings on my calculator to see what I’ve made.


That would be a great feature. And how many bookings/month, income per month, hours booked, popular days, etc.


Yes! I vote for this feature as well . Good point to raise!


Love all the enthusiasm for stats/metrics! This is definitely one of our most requested features—we’re working to get to a place where we can include all of this information for you in a centralized dashboard. Feel free to comment here with other new ideas/questions!


Would love to see this.



Would be great if we could see the Peerspace stats of how we’re doing comparatively in the same city, same category and price point?
Thank you.