Host Metrics for Better Listings


Is there a way to provide hosts metrics such as listing views and conversion rates? This would help determine how to best optimize listings, understand seasonality and the time of the day my listing is viewed most. I’m sure there are other factors metrics would help with. A popular home sharing platform allows hosts to see how many views they receive per day as well as booking conversion data. This would be a good starting point.


Thank you for the feedback, Chanae! This is a feature we have discussed internally and is something we are considering. As a fellow host, I agree that it would be very helpful to have insights into a space’s performance.


@Chanae_R any other metrics on your wishlist? I heard:

  • page views by hour/day/week/month
  • number of inquiries and bookings

Anything else you’ve been hoping for?


This is a GREAT IDEA! We need to know how many views we get (per day) and conversion rate, etc.

SPLACER does a good job of this (though I have other issues with their service.)


I think that’s a good start @Stu. If I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to share here.


Hi @Stu, it would also be wonderful to know:

  • if the guest ultimately booked a venue via Peerspace;

  • and perhaps even where they booked.

One thing we have done is to wait until after their event date, and see if they have been reviewed by a venue. In a handful of cases we have then seen which venue they selected. I haven’t done much with that information, but interesting to see.

In one case, we had passed on a guest, and later saw they had booked another venue on Peerspace. Sorry to see that they were a terrible guest: drunk, too wild, too loud, fought with neighbors, etc. We dodged a bullet.


@Brad_B I like that idea. We may need to keep a bit of privacy for the guest, but we might be able to show what spaces people book who check out your listing, if that’d be interesting?


Any insights would be helpful, thank you Stu.