Host Metrics Research - We want to hear from you!

Hi everyone!

We know how important performance data is to hosts, especially those of you in the forum who’ve already contributed great ideas around what metrics you’d like to see.

In an effort to make this information more available to you, we sent an email last Thursday that included YTD earnings and a Power Host progress report.

Were these metrics helpful? Tell us what you think here.

If you’re interested in participating in a short 15-30 minute phone call to discuss what metrics would help you better understand your performance on Peerspace, please reply to this thread or message me directly.



Hi Grace - Thanks for YTD earnings email. It was very informative. If possible, we’d love to see how many impressions vs inquiries vs bookings we are getting each month as it would really help us understand how many our spaces are being received by guests.

Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Would something like a full conversion funnel be helpful for you? This would include total impressions, clicks/page views, saves, inquiries/requests (“leads”), and finally accepted bookings. We’d start at the host-level, but eventually make this information listing-specific.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this topic!