Getting paid for Overtime

I had someone rent my space and stay about an hours past their rental time. I can’t get a hold of them and now my damn profile keeps asking me to leave feedback before I can edit my site or even resolve the issue.

Peerspace sends you a email at the time the booking ends. Please choose which option is best for you. I believe you have 48 to add the extra fees.

The overtime charging for additional time isn’t the best. There has been several times I never got that email and even though I emailed peerspace because if their lack of quick replies I missed the deadline to get the money for extra hours. I even went back and forth many days later and they still never charged my client or paid me for the extra time. This of course lost them $$ since they get a cut of it on their end too. If it happened to me I’m sure it’s happened a lot and might be one reason they are losing money. My guest even messaged them telling them the same and still not over hour fee. I was highly disappointed. It should have been a 1 step email and a new charge to the cc. Sad. Wish they would make it simpler and faster to get a charge handled with less delays and stalls. Oh well they don’t care to make extra $$!! :man_facepalming:t3: