General feedback for syncing a third-party calendar to Peerspace

Hosts who have used the “Calendar Sync” feature - how have things been going so far?

@Eric_A have you used the calendar sync feature yet?

The calendar sync feature is fantastic; however, when I am working with multiple calendars it seems to be difficult. I need my one main calendar to sync with all platforms including peerspace listings so that I am not double booked. That is a work in progress for myself.

Right now I am using Busy Cal for the Mac which I love (better than iCal but compatible). It would be great if each booking confirmation came with an iCal or Google cal notification link so that I could just add it to my existing iCal. It’s not just to keep all my Peerspace bookings in one place, but I (and I assume most people) need to make sure the bookings are on days and times that don’t conflict with MANY other scheduled items (e.g. not just other bookings). Obviously those other items would not go on my Peerspace calendar, so a separate calendar seems essential.

It would be great if peerspace would auto link to the calendar of my own choice!

It might be helpful to add a “Scout/Site Visit” feature to the calendar so that those can be tracked along with official bookings.

This feature could be added as an option for guests where, just like with a booking, they request a specific timeframe to scout the location and hosts can chose to accept it if the time does not conflict with other bookings and/or scouts. Once confirmed, this appointment would automatically be added to the calendar.

they will! i think you just have to be logged into it at the time of hitting the sync button.

It is fantastic!

I use google calendars and it is a huge help - It also cuts down on people asking if the space is available on a day that is already booked.