Syncing calendars and holding rooms

We love the synced calendar feature but sadly can’t use it because our room booking calendar is very competitive internally and sometimes it takes a day or two to resolve a booking inquiry through Peerspace so we often have to put internal temporary holds on rooms to ensure that they aren’t booked prior to the customer making their final decision.

Problem is that when we do so it also makes it so the customer can’t send a booking request once they’ve decided to go with us, so we have to sync up with them in real time to

  1. take off the temporary hold and
  2. have them submit a new booking request.

This can be difficult to arrange as I’m sure you can imagine. Has anyone else had the same problem and did you come up with a solution. Thank you!

I don’t use the sync calendar feature. I frequently book photo shoots in my photo studio on the same calendar I use for booking rentals. I don’t want to create a separate calendar just for studio rentals.

The calendar doesn’t work if you have a lot of things going on. It’s probably ideal for the independent who has one option and can maintain it easily. Even google calendar can be tough with multiple rooms (in our case). Wish there was a better troubleshoot for this issue.