iCalendar Sync - This is A Feature Request

Peerspace should add iCalendar as an option for syncing calendars.

I was looking to use iCalendar and was disappointed to discover I could only sync my personal Google calendar.

That’s doesn’t work for me because to manage my bookings, I must be able to view bookings on my other calendars synced to Google through iCalendar. Unfortunately, my other iCalendars do not show up in the Peer Space calendar when using the Peerspace sync button.

I had to unsync my Google calendar because it did not work for me. So now I am going to have to do alot of calendar work or declines.

HI @Karen_G :slight_smile:

You can sync your iCalendar! Just go to Peerspace.com/calendar and then click on “sync settings”>“sync now”>select which calendar you’d like to sync with your space! The options are iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, or Outlook.


As I said in my post. I already followed the process for syncing. The problem is that my google has linked calendars and Peerspace sync does not include them.

I may have said iCalendar. I think I mean being able to link to any calendar using and address link. (web)

This is why I am making the feature request.