Link Airbnb and peerspace calendars

Please make it possible to link peerspace calendars with ■■■■■■ and Vrbo.

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Is it possible anyone has come up with a workaround by way of exporting AirBnB calendar to Google and then importing the Google calendar to Peerspace using Cronofy? I haven’t been able to make it work :frowning:

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Likewise. Any solutions known ?

I agree. Without a way to sync with ical the options are limited. Google calendar sync does not support added calendars from Airbnb

Peerspace team – the ability to link Airbnb calendars directly with Peerspace is a must-have feature if we’re going to keep bookings up to date for your user base. Many of us have listings on multiple platforms, with Airbnb obviously being a big player in the space. I’m truly surprised this isn’t yet possible on your platform. Please let us know when it’s added to the roadmap.


Totally agree here. Any update?