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My first rental is happening on 6/28 for a film production. Question: they actually want me to sign a release that gives them permission to use the shots and film in my place. They say it’s different than the Peerspace agreement used.

Has anyone encountered this? Also, for film, do they also require a permit in addition to insurance? Thanks much.



Hi Karen, congratulations on your first rental! With filming, a location release is standard, it grants them permission to use footage of your location in their film.

On a side note, not all productions will be aware but they also need releases for any artwork they may include in a shot, a release from the artist or other entity that owns the copyright to the piece.

They should obtain a film permit, and provide you with a Certificate of Insurance with you listed as “Additionally Insured.” Do you own the home? If not, you should include the owner as well. You can ask like this:

"Please provide a certificate of insurance with the following listed as additionally insured: "

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Thank you so much, Brad! Appreciate it.



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All true. They are trying to protect from you coming back at them and saying they didn’t have permission to shoot your house. (You technically could sue them for using your setting without your permission. Not that you would, but a deep pocketed film company always wants to paper their deals just in case anything comes up at a later date.) Good luck on your first filming!


Thank you! Excited for this first one and a bit nervous!

Thank you for that info Brad!

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