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Hi All - I have a thought regarding the calendar. Although having it live is a great feature, in my case I find it problematic.
I keep several calendars pertaining to my studio, including my own shoots. I would prefer to keep the calendar off as it is misleading and only representing my peerspace shoots and would be constant extra work to update my other blocks. Also I find frequently I can juggle bookings around to accommodate a new one. By having the calendar in my case it can be confusing.
So the question for Peerspace and the group;

What do you think of making the calendar function an option for those that want it and off (invisible) with a “contact us for availability” message instead!


Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. Have you tried using the sync feature to connect your external calendars to Peerspace? Our hope is that this feature saves you time (rather than feeling burdensome) by matching you with the right guests, so please let us know how we can help.


I for one would NEVER want to connect my own calendar to Peerspace. Nothing personal, but I don’t need anyone seeing my personal stuff (like Rx appts, house appts, errands, mortgage payments, etc…) AND I agree with Robert about the rest of it. I think it’s well intentioned, but given all the booking options out there these days, this only tells part of the story.

Hi Rony - I agree with Tim’s comment below about private information which is also in the calendar. I personally would love to see an option to turn the calendar function off somehow as an option and just a comment that says ”contact for availability”.
Otherwise for those not using the calendar feature it appears that all dates are open. I prefer to deal with potential bookings on a person by person basis and have salvaged many rentals over the years where I already had bookings with some juggling. Robert Reiff


I love having an option to opt out.
Does the client see our whole month? or just the day of inquiry?
I feel that the monthly calendar should be confidential. You don’t see hotels exposing their entire booking business to their potential clients. Sometimes clients try to get a huge discount bc they see nothing going on. I don’t see how a published calendar is to the advantage of the host.


I think the model is that of AirBnB, where there’s only one space to book in only one way, and a single source of bookings. I haven’t connected the calendar to any of my other calendars as I use other software that doesn’t connect for all the other scheduling or bookings, and I’m not really interested in adding more tasks for myself and staff. If we were getting most of our booking through Peerspace it might be worthwhile doing.

A published calendar could be advantageous if the host is booked often - it’s easy enough to say no to a guest who wants a huge discount because they think the space isn’t busy. They’ll want to pay the rate if they see the value.

I can see where if I were to list my home on Peerspace as a location that I might create a separate google calendar so that I could easily block off time that I wanted to make unavailable to Peerspace guests.

Hi all, thank you for the thoughtful feedback.

We’re sensitive to your concerns, especially when it comes to privacy, which is why Peerspace does not display personal information from your connected calendar to guests (nor is our team able to view the details of your calendar internally).

The availability information you provide is intended to help guests better understand if the space can be booked on their desired date. If a guest isn’t tied to a certain date, they have the option to check “my dates are flexible” and bypass the calendar to send an inquiry.

Our goal is to eliminate friction from the booking process. We believe that these availability features will translate into increased business for you without the back and forth, especially as we see guests wanting to book spaces more quickly and more often. As we continue to refine them, we will appreciate your continued feedback.


I keep my calendar on AirBnB and want to drive from there. Is there a way to link Peerspace to that calendar?

HI @Rony_C Confused about this calendar. If a client only books part of a day it still shows the other clients that we are booked a full day?
I too would appreciate the option to turn off the calendar to the guests so I can perhaps move things around to accommodate a full schedule. It blocks out potentially solid clients by showing it and they would likely move on, rather than request info so we can accommodate them. Please advise how to do so. Thx!

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I firmly agree with you Haruko. :+1:

Please make it possible to sync peerspace calendars with Airbnb/vrbo!

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Yes I agree with this as well. :+1:

Yes, I agree. I cannot use this site if I can’t sync airbnb and vrbo calendars. It is too much work to manually enter booked dates with each new booking.