Why Can't I Just Accept the Inquiry? I Always Have to Make a Custom Counteroffer

I no longer see the option to accept the request. I always have to make a custom offer back to them and then wait.

Hi Bryan, please send a screenshot if you can so we can take a look. I suspect that the guest has sent you an inquiry, not a booking request. A request is a pre-authorized transaction that upon you accepting, gets confirmed and captures a charge. An inquiry includes some data like the planned date, length, etc. but it is not yet a request. If you respond to that inquiry, you have the option to send a custom offer to the guest to entice them to book with you as a next step.

Hope that helps.

We also have been getting more booking “inquiries” rather than straight booking “requests” lately. Maybe there is a lot more client uncertainty lately? I usually just send them a custom offer to see if they are serious, which many aren’t. Then once in a while clients get confused and think they booked the space when they actually only “inquired” about it, and we need to explain the process to them each time. Basically, no matter how illiterate your client is, you should treat them with the utmost kindness and keep explaining things over and over. But if they client sounds sketchy, don’t hesitate to come up with a kind excuse why your space is no longer available that day.