Where is the ACCEPT BOOKING Button?

I’m no newbe when it comes to navigating software. But this one is weird. It must be right in front of me but I do not see how to accept a booking like I can with Air bnb and Home Away.

Hi @Karen_G, from your Inbox click on the booking request/message thread. Then click “Review Booking Details”. You’ll see the accept button here. Congrats on your first booking! Best, Rony

If that’s all there was to do, then I would have found it on my own. In reality, no matter how I search, there is no “Review Booking Details”, not in the inbox and not in the Bookings link.

Please share a screen shot when you get a minute. Thanks for your help and your congratulations!

Hi @Karen_G-

It looks like the guest you are referencing here has only inquired and not sent a booking request yet. You can either work with them to send you a request in the app for you to accept, or you can click “Create Custom Offer” and send a request with the price you are offering to the guest to accept which will then trigger a booking confirmation.

Apologies for any confusion here.

Correct. Because create a custom offer is confusion. But thank you for the clarification. Next time I will be sure to send a screenshot first.

@Karen_G Create Custom Offer is a great feature, especially in your situation. Rather than explain to them how to submit a booking request, you can send the offer and all they have to do is accept!


Yeah I agree… doing the Create Custom Offer avoids any possible confusion on the guest’s end.