What Peerspace features have you found to be the most helpful in converting inquiries to bookings?


Whether it’s Custom Offer or Calendar Sync, we’d love to hear some of the creative ways you use features to manage the booking experience for guests and close deals.

City Hosts-how to get more bookings

I often rely on the humans at Peerspace to work with a guest – when putting together a particularly tricky deal. You guys offer the best customer service of all your competitors. Keep it up!


When i receive an Instant Booking Request, I’ll always accept if I’m available to host and the contact has good reviews. Since I live in Brooklyn, NY… there’s a lot of competition for industrial style loft spaces so if I don’t immediately accept, I know they have their pick of the lot and could choose between a handful of other spaces if i don’t immediately reply/accept.


I haven’t found these especially effective. I invite them to come see the space.


I also immediately ask when they would like to come view the space.


Peerspace provided very responsible service and great platform. I had questions and called Peerspace, instead of keep me waiting or talking to robot, the staff Mona Desai give me some good suggestions and offered great help.


It is very easy to communicate with the Inquirer, I can send them pictures if they communicate their number or email. Peerspace trusts me to book through it and I do trust Peerspace for my bookings


Hi, I’m in New York City and I rent out my yoga studio and was wondering for those who have similar spaces (yoga, wellness) and are in a city, how do you increase your bookings? I feel like I could have so many more bookings but I haven’t found the trick yet, though I’m doing ok. Anyone getting to be an expert at this? Thanks!


Hi @Nicole_D! I’m merging your post into this topic here - there are some good tips & tricks in here that you might want to take a look at / respond to!