Washington State - Are we Phase 3?

For WA State hosts, it looks like you’d be either a Phase 3 or Phase 4 opening, depending on the venue size. We are under 50 people, it’s a general use space with a self-host bar, BYOB/BYOFood, typically used for small parties or office off-site. But it’s not totally clear to me when we’re officially allowed to open, and there’s no info I can find from Peerspace. Does anyone know? We’re getting inquiries, but I’ve been turning them away.

Phase 2 (estimated June 1st) includes restaurants at 50% capacity. My assumption is that since it’s not specifically a restaurant a venue like ours doesn’t fall into this category.
Phase 3 (earliest estimate June 22) includes “all other businesses other than nightclubs and events with more than 50 people” which is probably where we fall. I’m assuming that if you could handle more than 50 people you could still re-open and limit it to 50 guests?
Phase 4 (earliest estimate July 13) includes everything else.

It’s not clear to me what other legal (or moral) obligations there are to re-opening. Do we have to provide hand sanitizer or restrict or enforce any other social distancing rules? Or if someone is renting the space, is that all on them?

Anyone know or is there a specific Peerspace rep per state that is coordinating on this?