Events & Meetings Allowed yet?

I’ve been reading through the community posts and it seems that most of the discussion about renting is about photo/video shoots and productions. We also rent our studio for Parties, Meetings, etc. I’m having trouble figuring out what we’re legally allowed to do as well as the logistics: capacity, distancing, masks… Anybody else figuring this out?
Many thanks - Jeff

Hi Jeff,

Where are you located? I am in Los Angeles/Burbank and have the same questions. Most of my rentals have been events and parties, followed by off-site, then production. The last I saw was a line that said that Gathering and Events were not permitted unless otherwise specifically stated in the guidelines. So that looks like a No to me.

But there are also notes that if a business can open safely and responsibly, then it is okay. So can I rent my space for a meeting, with a dozen people wearing masks and seated six feet apart?

I am curious: if a family wants to have a private function at their own home, is that against the law? Or just discouraged? Then the next step, if that is legally allowed, then could they also rent a venue for a private gathering? Even though it would be a private event, it feels like that is crossing the line, and then we could be on the hook for renting out our venue. And I feel our neighbors/community could wonder what the hell we are doing throwing a party in these times.

I am getting inquiries for baby showers and such for next month, and I am telling them that I don’t believe that will be permitted. And I have an event booked next month that I believe I will need to cancel. They won’t be happy, but if it is not permitted then I have no choice.

I need to dig in and read the latest guidelines, love to hear how others are interpreting the laws and guidelines. - Brad

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I’m outside of Philadelphia, in Northern Delaware. The guidelines that mentioned Gathering and Events - is that coming from Peerspace or your local restrictions? The posted Local Guidelines and Restrictions in my area are vague at best. If you’re not a restaurant or salon, it seems like we’re left to our own interpretation and judgement. Not a great situation. I’m just wondering what other hosts are doing. Thanks for your response.

Peerspace is leaving it to hosts to determine what is allowed in their area, which makes sense as the guidelines vary from place to place, and even then are still open to legal interpretation. I am referencing our California/LA County guidelines.

As you mentioned, many businesses are specifically referenced – hair salons, nail salons, restaurants, bars – and our rental spaces fall into an area that is not directly mentioned, so it is indeed challenging.

Appreciate your input, agreed it is challenging!

People can also try to contact their local Small Business Development Center ( for help understanding their local regulations. But I have to be honest, I called my local branch 4 times and left messages, and they still haven’t replied yet. I’m sure small businesses are overwhelming them with the need for assistance.
Good luck.


I’m in DC and am essentially applying the generic rules governing established businesses with similar traits. We also have also guidelines for general public, private gatherings, and mass gatherings here in DC so we’re using an aggregate of those rules (as applicable), as well. And also requiring full name and contact information of every person for contact tracing.

I’m in NYC, and as a bar we’re definitely not allowed to be open. However, they’re not saying that people can’t gather in small groups, so I’d probably be fine with booking the space for a small (10 people or fewer) video or photo shoot. My manager would stay masked and distant, and I’d expect anyone who wasn’t in the shoot itself to do the same. I figure if it’s not a complete lockdown, and we’re staying well below the maximum allowable, it’s a calculated risk. With few avenues for revenue, I’m willing to take that risk if it comes my way.

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