Los Angeles during Covid19 - What are the current rules?

Hi everyone!

We haven’t had any bookings since March. About two months ago a couple of single requests started coming in. However I am still very unsure of the rules and regulations in the LA area and we haven’t booked anyone yet.

We have various kinds of events, birthdays, photo shoots, some filming, pop up stores, and baby showers. I know that LA has opened up TV And film production again and I assume still photography would fall under that as well. However what about the other kinds of private events? Group gatherings still seem to be illegal however restaurants and gyms are/were open.

Does anyone have some more knowledge on this subject?

Thank you!

The City of Los Angeles has laid out the protocols for each industry.
They are all similar - with masks and social distancing at its core.
I suggest taking a look at all of them as they match up with the booking. - if it is a class - what are the protocols ?
If it is a meeting what are the protocols. Film, rehearsal, etc.

I have stayed away from parties and large gatherings - I also monitor the total number of people they plan to have at the event and how those people will interact with the space.

It is challenging as, unlike hair and nail salons, there is no reopening category specifically for our rental spaces. As mentioned, filming is allowed with specific guidance, and a photo shoot is simply a small production (right?).

As John said, it seems Off-Site/Meetings could be allowed, again if following specific guidelines.

I have had several inquiries about baby showers and such for now and the coming weeks, and I don’t see anything suggesting these are allowed right now. I just added text to my Events cover photo stating that Due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to host social events (something like that). I had a small wedding coming up that I sadly had to cancel. Somewhere in the reopening guidelines I saw “Gatherings and events are not allowed.”

It’s hard since the rules are subject to legal interpretation. Do what is right for you, and check with legal counsel if you can.

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Still such a problem. I keep getting tons of requests for birthday parties and weddings etc…I have to tell them all that social gatherings are still illegal. I’m not sure what these people are thinking??

Anyone have any other information?

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Peerspace weeks ago suggested, since we are currently not accepting events, that we consider hiding our event listing for the time being. The metrics of getting inquiries and not booking can hurt your ranking and visibility on the platform. @peerspace-team any thoughts/suggestions for hosts?

I had no idea about this! Where does it say? That is really unfortunate. We keep getting ridiculous inquiries for big birthday parties and I keep telling them that we can’t host them and sending them to the LA county Covid Order.

Peerspace messaged me directly as pre-COVID I had steady bookings and good visibility. They said not accepting any bookings could hurt my visibility on the platform, and suggested one option was to hide my event listing.

I opted to add a message on our cover photo that says we are not able to accept social gatherings due to COVID, but still get requests. The latest even said they would pay a premium if I would accept their all-day party for a one-year old.

I have just had a few documentary interviews in the space in the last couple of months.

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