Are we even allowed to rent for events now? Is anyone?

We haven’t had a rental in 2 months. Have you?

I’m very curious to find out some demographics from PeerSpace as to which types of venues are still capable of renting during the SIP mandate? What types of rentals would PS even consider safe (or even legal) during this pandemic? And I’d like to know if PS will be able to put out any recommendations on how to make our spaces safer for our clients when we do open for business again?

Any ideas going forward?


My spaces are all in NYC. We are all on hold. I don’t know if Peerspace is booking in any cities yet. We’re waiting for NYS and NYC production guidelines to be released; unlikely until early-mid June. We’re getting some info coming around on various associations/organizations about how to shoot safely but nothing is official yet.

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Following this topic. Interested to hear what is the outcome.

Hello. Glad to see this question posted here. We were asked if a music video with 13 -15 people could be shot at our house in the yard this week, but we had to decline. We live in So. Calif. I was surprised to be asked, actually.
I would have been happy to host the shoot in other circumstances but did not feel comfortable or safe doing so in these times.

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Our last booking was on Sunday, March 15th, and even then it was weird. We were watching bookings cancel, hoping this last one would not cancel, but then thought: “Should we be the ones cancelling at this point?” We were extra thorough in our cleaning and prep, and we wondered if people were going to be concerned about gathering, or critical of our cleaning, but they didn’t seem to be concerned at all. Event went well, I had a photo shoot the next day, and we have been closed since.

We have not considered renting our space out for the last 7 weeks, and are not in a rush to jump in again. We definitely want to make sure it is legal, safe, and responsible.

Last week we had an inquiry for an event in December, and she wanted to visit the space. We scheduled and she showed up along with her financé … and grandfather, and a kid, and a woman. At least they came in wearing masks. but as I spoke to the couple and walked them through the space, I looked back to see the others with masks on and off, touching everything, sitting (and climbing) on our couch and chairs. I really don’t want to have to do a lot of cleaning after a site visit.

It’s very strange talking to someone about an event in December that they may or may not be able to have, even then. Really throws me off my game. I have another woman who wants to see the space for a January event, and is coming to visit next Tuesday. I wrote to her:

“With COVID-19, we are limiting site visits to one or two people for less than 15 minutes; require that everyone wear masks; and ask guests not to touch anything during the visit (crazy times). Thank you for understanding.”

As those may our first interactions with guests, any thoughts about managing site visits?


Hey Brad, I get your discomfort. Frankly, we are still passing on everything right now. It’s just not worth it. We might open for small group photo shoots in a month or so (we’ve had some feelers from a few of our regulars) but we are getting hit on for large events and weddings and the like (mostly from people who live in other parts of the country and are not as impacted or “aware” as we are here in the LA Area, I presume) and we are passing for now. That may change if circumstances change.

In the meantime, I urge EVERYONE to read this article about the nitty-gritty of how the virus actually spreads in terms of micro-particles and the type of risks you may have not thought about before. Her various examples were both an eyeopener to me and I thought VERY APPROPRIATE for the community here to try to understand. Read here:


Leon - It is sad and disappointing to me that no one from Peerspace has responded to your questions. I too am looking for some guidelines or ideas on how to proceed, but Peerspace leadership is nowhere to be found.

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My last shoot was mid-March and I am also extremely surprised of previously booked shoots angling to move forward. One was flying in from NY and would have happened right when the city was put on lockdown. However, most seem to listen to reason. I still receive requests and decline them. I also decline site visits. I’m really disappointed in people that don’t take this pandemic seriously.

Yes, there should be some official guidelines on how to safely open when that time comes and it’s safe to do so. We don’t know enough about this virus and scientists and the medical community are predicting second and third waves.

I hope that everyone in the Peerspace community is staying safe and sane.

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Hi Claudi_B

Can you share which associations/organizations are sharing that info?\

Stay safe!

hi: I’ll post some links here soon but again only ideas so far.

As for scout visits, I would say no for sure now. Clients can see the images and in these times that will be it for me until a green light. And even then I may have to get some virtual tours going for my multiple spaces. I too am surprised Peerspace has yet to reach out (but they may be on hold as well); only info I got recently was to update my FAQs…

I book almost all production (very few events) so not sure this pertains, but some should apply to both; here’s 2 that have come to me so far so I’m creating my own rules for when we can get back and hope by then I have some official guidelines too and have info about medics/a crew rep supplied by client for onsite safety for duration (and will be great if Peerspace offers theirs too.):

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For our LA area hosts, the mayor spoke today about businesses opening. Check at 13:30, talk about safety protocols in place. Info at

This document might be interesting to everyone as an example of reopening protocols:

This is a link to today’s video:

ASMP (The American Society of Media Photographers) is hosting a webinar this Wednesday at 3pm about shooting safety. No membership is required, and it should be interesting and relevant to anyone involved in production I imagine.

If you’re free today, check your email for a message from Peerspace with the subject line “join us Tuesday for a virtual host panel”. We are going to be discussing all what Covid means for hosts now and moving forward on a live stream!

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Being in MN, our situation is slightly different given variables surrounding demographics and geography (less densely populated). Out of the 638 deaths, over half were in the cities (my location is in a small suburb) and over 90% of the outbreaks were in long-term care facilities. We’ve had over ~13,000 cases and most have recovered. After being locked down two months, people in the state are ready to “cautiously reopen.” The governor announced that retail can be open as of May 18 at 50% capacity. My space can accommodate plenty of social distancing even with 40 guests (my max standing occupancy is 150) so I’m ready to open and continue to remind guests of the high cleaning standards I continue to implement and signs will be posted regarding hand-washing reminders and staying home if unwell. Bars/restaurants and salons plan to open June 1st here.

A lot of people are asking the same questions right now. I certainly recommend the virtual host panel that Peerspace sponsored called “Hosting In The Time of Coronavirus.” It’s filled with a lot of great answers.

Like everyone, our activity is next to nil right now. We are keeping our staff on duty to maintain the property, etc. and still talking to production books, photogs, film production people, etc. But basically, everything is still on hold, particularly given the mayor’s and state guidelines.

We did see a story in Variety today about production guidelines for restarting in the UK, which may give some insight into U.S. productions. I’ve included a link here for those who are interested. Even still, we see no real reason to think business is going to re-open for film rentals anytime soon. We normally get a lot of business all year long but right now, given the nature of production being what it is (freelance, temporary work for many people) we are being told that it could be one of the last things that will re-open anytime soon. Sports and concerts will be the very last to be sure but we don’t expect production to be all that much sooner.

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Claudia, this is great. Thanks for posting. Already downloaded. Cheers!

Greetings all. This is the link to a webinar I mentioned last week. It was hosted by ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers. It is targeted toward photographers, but is one of the best reality checks I have seen. 90 minutes of strong content, while not overwhelming.

ASMP: Safety While Shooting

I hope everyone will take the time to watch, and share any resources that you find.

Oh, the above link also takes you to some sample PDFs:

Social Distancing Policy
Liability Release Waiver for Clients
Model / Crew Assumption of Risk

Remember that while online resources are a great starting point, we cannot take them as gospel, not regard them as specific health, safety, or legal advice. Here are a couple of notes from ASMP.

DISCLAIMER: This is ASMP’s evaluation of current best practices and guidelines related to both health and legal safety when going back to work as a photographer. This page is NOT specific health, safety, or legal advice. Please do not rely on this without adapting the materials to your specific situation.

NOTE: All documents are general in nature and you MUST adjust them to your specific situation. This is example language for general circumstances which will change, and may have already changed.

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Here is a list of permissible jobs in the Alameda Bay Area as of May 23rd:

As per rentals, they say rentals for habitation are okay (they don’t say it’s okay to rent for events).

As per Photo/video productions, they say it is okay for news media to continue producing content.

So I presume at least it would be okay to rent for a news media production. What does every one else think about this?

Leon Saperstein

I have had to turn down bookings as they still wanted to book for over 25 people when local restrictions were loosened in September I found that they would book for 25 but around 30-40 show up! Right now chicago is severely restricted and when I tell people no more than 10 guests they back off. And I don’t blame them. I feel bad because bars are closed but the guests I’m getting now seem oblivious to the risks in having a large party. I couldn’t imagine being invited to an indoor party with 25 or more guests. It’s not like going to the grocery store or even riding on a bus. You don’t have to talk to people in those environments and you can keep to yourself and keep your distance. But at a party you’re gonna talk to people you’re going to interact with people and you’re going to be eating and drinking obviously without a mask.
I’m not expecting to book many events in the next month or 2. But I really hope that things turn the corner soon so that I can go back to booking regular full bookings.
Sorry for the long response!!!