Variable Pricing


I apologize if this question has been asked before:

Will Peerspace allow us to create a pricing matrix or a grid, so studios can look up pricing and minimum hours, based on amount of people, and whether it’s a major studio or indie project, model shoot or film, music video, etc.

It could be a simple matrix they can refer to, and different pricing tiers would be listed so we can maximize revenue. This is a must! :wink:


I and others put it in our body copy, but it never seems to affect the charges. It’s like you can state it as your “policy” but there is no actual way to charge it thru the site (at least not yet… PS?) I know Giggster has this capability (to change the price based on capacity (+ 50, + 100, etc.) but I have not seen it on PS… Any answers to this???)


Pricing blocked by day/time would be great too – we charge hourly with minimums, but different rates for weekdays than Fri-Sun …


Same request here, I have to charge a different rate for videos, photoshoots and larger events


Nothing will charge for regular equipment!


I agree that variable pricing for the number of guests should automatically be part of the booking and quote process as Giggster does. It’s always a bit embarrassing to have to explain that the posted fee is less than the actual fee since they have a greater number of people. I do explain that in my description, but as other hosts have found, people don’t read that. Plus, it makes everything more complicated when I must send a special offer after the fact.

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Hi all,

I believe I mentioned this on another thread but we are getting ready to tackle variable pricing. It’s on our roadmap for Q2 so should have a first implementation out by end of June.


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From all the PS people I talk to, this is the #1 concern. It’s not just a menu-based option that’s needed (like the Giggster model) but a free-flowing custom pricing field. Sometimes it’s based on number of people, sometimes it based on late hours or holidays (1.5 times fees), sometimes it’s based on additional insurance or excess fees for parking, set-up time… could be anything. We need to be able to bill it just like we do the cleaning fee, so it’s automatically IN THE BOOKING from the get-go. Make sense?


Hi Rony, is this still on track for end of June? Variable pricing is a major component of our business model. Would be extremely helpful. Thanks!


Hi @Samantha_W, yes it is. Would you be interested in walking through the prototype with me to check out the functionality? Best, Rony

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Hey @Rony_C I sure would! Variable pricing along with specific keyword search are the two biggest issues I have with Peerspace. When can we book something? Thx!


Can anyone tell me when or how long does it take to get the money after booking ?